Rental of kajaks at Aa Strand, Helnaes and Assens for beginners and advanced, infividuals or groups

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Security and Weather & Sea State Forecasts

Security on the water is important - you can never be too cautious, but often be too confident!


Weather Conditions

WEPROGs WEATHER APP: Personalized Weather Forecasts

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Get your own personalized weather forecast inclusive uncertainty bands from WEPROGs based on 75 individual weather forecast models. Click on one of the maps to find your location or type a name or geographical information into the search box in the top panel and receive a local forecast within seconds.

Quick introduction to the Weather APP
  • Free of charge, no adds and no personal information to be provided or collected
  • Get a forecast anywhere, you need
  • Register and plan your trip on the PC and have it with you on the mobile by saving your favourite places in the app



If you have an accident, you must call for help in the usual way by calling 112 and stating:

  • where you started from (Aa Krog Bay, Helnæs Bay, Thorø Bay or the place you chose to enter the water)
  • in which direction you are sailing and explain where you are staying now
It will always be good if the kayak and equipment are salvaged, but your life is the most important thing. If you have landed without your equipment, you must always contact the police on 114, so that a large search is not started for no reason.


  • C-Kajakking as a rental agent on +45 2720 3763 or +45 4692 2907
  • On-call doctor +45 7011 0707
  • Emergency Help: 112

With Denmark's official 112 app, you can start a call to the alarm center and at the same time send the mobile's GPS coordinates away. That way, you can get help faster. (Download the 112 app is free.)