Rental of kajaks at Aa Strand, Agernaes Havn, Helnaes or Assens for beginners and advanced, infividuals or groups

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Prices and Conditions for individual rentals

Booking is possible ONLINE or by email or call us

Single kajaks for short periods can be booked online: Book Online

Prices are general prices for individual and short rentals. For group or long-term offers, please contact us


Halv-day Rental from 9-13 or 14-19

Point65 Mercury GTX 14 (solo): 250 DKK per kajak

Point65 Mercury GTX 14 (tandem): 350 DKK per kajak

Kaitts Freedom Move: 200 DKK per kajak

Kaitts Double Flash: 300 DKK per kajak

Tahe Marin Play Spirit PE: 250 DKK per kajak

Day Rental from 9-20

Point65 Mercury GTX 14 (solo): 500 DKK per kajak

Point65 Mercury GTX 14 (tandem): 700 DKK per kajak

Kaitts Freedom Move: 400 DKK per kajak

Kaitts Double Flash: 600 DKK per kajak

Tahe Marin Play Spirit PE: 500 DKK per kajak

Weekend (2-day), 3-day or Week Rentals

Discount rates on day-prices:

  • Weekend (2-days): 20%
  • 3-days: 40%
  • Week: 60%

Family-, Season or Group Discouts

Please contact us and ask us for a good deal!

Conditions for Rental


All kayak users must:

  • Be over 18 years old. If two users use the same kayak, at least one must be over 18 years old
  • Be able to swim 300 meters
  • Wear life jackets at all times while in the water - check that the vest is the right size and works before you go into the water
  • Have an overview of the weather and wind direction during the rented period.
  • And you must not be under the influence of alcohol or narcotics during the rental period

AREA: Area of ​​activity is Aakrig Bay and Helnæs Bay. At Aa Krog bay, you can sail a maximum of 300 meters away from the coast.
DESCRIPTION OF SAILING: It is not permitted to sail in strong offshore winds (over 6m/second). It is the user's responsibility to keep an eye on the weather and wind conditions on the water.
Always keep an eye on other sailors in boats, kayaks, surfboards and others who are staying on the water. It is your duty to keep a good distance, at least 5 meters to others. When capsizing, always make sure to get an overview of where you and possibly other sailors are and turn towards the shore before moving up on the kayak again.
ALL SAILING HAPPENS AT YOUR OWN RISK: You must pay special attention to the fact that all sailing is done at your own risk, and it will therefore always be your own accident insurance that must cover, no matter what happens. This applies both when renting or if something happens to you during an event arranged by Aa Strand Kajakking. Is our equipment used for instruction or activities by other parties e.g. schools or associations that themselves provide teachers or instructors in such a way that it has the character of its own activity, the responsibility lies 100% with them, and they must prepare a safety instruction appropriate to the activity. When renting, state the name of the responsible person and the organization. Aa Strand Kajakking can never be held responsible for the actions of another party.
RISK: Following our safety instructions, you should be safe on the water. However, it is our duty to inform that water sports may eventually end up drowning or severe damage after cooling in cold water. Therefore, we ask you to have respect and be humble towards the elements.
PERSONAL INJURIES: In connection with kayaking, ordinary sports injuries can occur in the form of overloads due to many repetitions, incorrect sitting position, sudden movements, etc. You should also pay special attention to lifting the equipment correctly so that it does not cause sudden damage in e.g. the back. We recommend that you use our kayak carts to transport kayaks back and forth to the beach, if they are not delivered to the beach by us or you have rented an entire trailer.
DAMAGE TO EQUIPMENT: We use wear and tear and scratches as normal wear and tear if the equipment bears the mark of gross misuse, or the equipment is broken, has holes, repairs are at the user's expense or possibly. covered by your own insurance. Lost equipment must be replaced.

What to do, if something happens


If you have an accident, you must call for help in the usual way by calling 112 and stating:

  • where you started from (Aa Krog Bay, Helnæs Bay, Thorø Bay or the place you chose to enter the water)
  • in which direction you are sailing and explain where you are staying now
It will always be good if the kayak and equipment are salvaged, but your life is the most important thing. If you have landed without your equipment, you must always contact the police on 114, so that a large search is not started for no reason.


  • Rental agent Aa Strand Kayaking:
    +45 2720 3763 or +45 4692 2907
  • On-call local doctor: +45 7011 0707
  • Emergency Help: 112

With Denmark's official 112 app, you can start a call to the alarm center and at the same time send the mobile's GPS coordinates away. That way, you can get help faster. (Download the 112 app is free.)