CU@C Kajakking

Rental of kajaks at Aa Strand for beginners and advanced, infividuals or groups

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Kajaks for beginners and advanced user

We have kajaks for everybody, beginners as well as for the advanced kajakkers that could not bring their own kajak.

Kajaks for Everybody

Point 65 Mercury GTX Solo/Tandem

Point 65 Mercury GTX Solo/Tandem Length: 414/545 cm | Width: 60 cm | Weight: 25/35 Kg | Cockpit: 83 x 46 cm | With control system | Capacity: 130/240 kg This kajak s a high performance, stable, decked modular touring kayak with a large cockpit and the innovative Snap-Tap™ system. It can be rented as SOLO or TANDEM - ALL IN ONE! We snap in the tandem mid-section and Solo is transformed into a high-performance Mercury 18 Tandem - so you can head off together in one kajak!

Kaitts kajaks

The Kaitts kajaks are suitable for beginners and advanced drivers who value comfort. They are elegant, fast touring sea kajaks. The newly constructed hull is a round span flattened in the middle with a long waterline. As a result, despite its width of 68 cm, you can quickly get going without having to forego tipping stability. The keel is equipped with a fin and ensures very good straight-line stability. Kaitts Freedom Move Length: 400 cm | Width: 66 cm | Weight: 24 Kg | Cockpit: 97 x 50cm | Material: PE | Capacity: 150 kg Kaitts Double-Flash Length: Length: 520 cm | Width: 68 cm | Weight: 35 Kg | Cockpit: 84 x 42 cm | With control system | Capacity: 210 kg

Kajaks for the Advanced

Tahe Marine Playspirit PE

Length: 467 cm | Width: 59 cm | Weight: 26 Kg | Cockpit: 90 x 49 cm | With control system | Capacity: 120 Kg The PlaySpirit PE is designed to keep things fun and comes with a skeg and rudder combination. With rocker hull-shape this is a playful kayak. PlaySpirit handles great in the waves and is also rather easy to roll. With a hard chine and a V-shaped bottom with fine endings at the bow and stern, this kayak is made to maneuver.

Group Offers

Group Offer

We have 7 kajaks for up to 10 people and transport them to the location of your choice - transforming your gathering to an unforgettable event